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Velop Pro 6E MX6201 Router

Velop Pro 6E MX6201 Router

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Linksys Velop® Pro 6E with Cognitive™ Mesh delivers WiFi 6E with unmatched range.* Stream, download or work with a faster connection, wider coverage and more devices on your network. Multiple users shouldn’t equal a slower network. It takes care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on the connections that matter most.

  • Cognitive Mesh for better coverage and an optimized experience 
  • WiFi 6E means higher speeds available for working and streaming
  • Access to higher MHz channels means more power and a stronger connection
  • Qualcomm™ Immersive Home 316 Platform chipset inside for nextgen wire-like stability and performance
  • Easy setup in minutes & control through the Linksys App
  • The new droplet design fits into your home décor while delivering improved thermal management and performance in a compact footprint.
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