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Airbox Go MA02 Power Bank

Airbox Go MA02 Power Bank

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True 15W Magsafe magnetic suction wireless fast charging, charging iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch at the same time (total 25W)
One-time charging x3, the world's first mobile power product that has passed Apple's"Made for MagSafe"and"Made for WATCH"certifications at the same time, does not need to bring various charging cables out of the street, there is no wire obstruction when charging, and it can even be used as a desktop charger in the office. One machine with multiple charges.
* There is also an independent USB-C, which supports a maximum output of PD20W, and can charge iPad Pro

The world's first mobile power bank that has passed Apple's dual certification at the same time | With Made for MagSafe and Made for Watch certifications, safe and reliable Equipped with independent USB-C | Supports the highest output PD20W, can charge iPad Pro.
Independent location | There is a dedicated storage location for charging, and charging does not interfere with each other.
Metal finish | Straight stripe structure, modeled after a suitcase, both beautiful and durable.
Compatible with most electronic devices | Solve the charging needs of mobile phones/tablets/game devices.
Good product for traveling | Meets the safety standards of the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and can be carried on the plane.
Includes manual and warranty

USB-C Input:5V3A/9V2.22A(PD20W)
Output USB-C:5V2.4A/9V2.22A/12V1.5A(PD20W)
MagSafe for iPhone:15W
Output for Apple Watch:5W
Output for AirPods:5W
Total output:25W Max.
Material:ABS + PC + Zinc Alloy Size:186.5*75*35mm
*Made for MagSafe is a test standard specially launched by Apple for its MagSafe magnetic wireless charging patented technology. This is a product that has passed multiple testing certifications and is officially authorized by Apple. There are no safety concerns and guarantees in use. Products without certification will be limited to a charging power of less than 7.5W, while products with Made for MagSafe certification can enjoy a maximum charging power of 15W. Compared with the two, Made for MagSafe can provide charging power twice as fast, saving time and peace of mind.

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