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Pulse case for iPhone 14 Pro

Pulse case for iPhone 14 Pro

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Features & details

  • UNIQUE & SLEEK: Design that preserves the iPhone experience. Show, feel and protect your iPhone with a unique style.
  • AEROSPACE-GRADE ALUMINUM: The case feels great to touch and helps protect your phone.
  • SHOCK DISTRIBUTION: The outside metal shell distributes the force of an impact across the case, while a flexible inside, custom-engineered SEBS layer absorbs the shock, keeping your phone safe.
  • PROTECTION FROM EVERY ANGLE: Arc Pulse raises over the sides, back, front and camera to provide extra protection.
  • ZERO 5G INTERFERENCE: Ultra-lightweight and optimal heat dissipation by design with an easy-to-use slide-on fit that provides you with a magical attach and detach experience, every time.
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