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Geo Wallet Stand

Geo Wallet Stand

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The world’s first MagSafe wallet with full Apple-certified Find My functionality.

● Full Find My: the first MagSafe wallet on the market with full Apple-certified Find My functionality, letting you instantly see its real-time location, play a sound, and receive Left Behind notifications
● 2x Stronger Magnets: enjoy a magnetic lock on your phone more than double the strength of the official MagSafe Wallet via powerful built-in magnets with 1,500 g of holding force
● All in One Pocket: sleek design attaches seamlessly to the back of your phone and holds 1-3 cards equally secure thanks to the inner dynamic tension spring
● Multi-view Stand: the strong, durable hinge opens out to create a powerfully stable stand at any angle between 15° and 170°, portrait or landscape, for the perfect hands-free experience
● Secure Grip: specially designed finger loop on the back gives you a comfortably better grip on the go and quickly folds flat when you're ready to pocket your phone


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